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Training with the Road Runners

Hi everybody happy new year. This is quick message to say that I will taking over this years training scheduled from Geoff. Many thanks for his training plans for last few years, and he will continue to give his valued guidance during training sessions.

As the number of runners has increased in the club, with a broad range of ability's, it has become impossible to train as a single group any more. So to gain the benefits from running in a club you will be split into smaller groups that suit your ability; gold, silver, bronze A and bronze B. You be able to move from group to group.

I would like everybody 10k pb times, or predicted times if you haven't recorded one, so you can be placed in a group that suits your ability. I will nominate group leaders, who will be regular & experienced runners who will give guidance, and encouragement during the training. New runners with no or very little running experience and distance will also be looked after in the training plan.

I will be starting you of on a sixteen weeks (3 months) which is based on a Marathon training program. Your training program will include optional Sunday runs, along with the regular Tuesday and Thursday nights, and will have set times for all efforts. Some Sundays will include races such as frostbites and other local races. I hope to look forward to seeing you benefiting from this training

but remember, the training program is for guidance and doesn't have to be strictly followed. However running as a group is important; by looking out for each other during the dark nights, ensuring new runners don't get lost, and giving encourage to each other.

Any questions or suggestions please speak to my self. We will further discuss the training at meeting on Wed 17th Jan .

Thanks from fellow runner John Smith.

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