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The London Marathon: How to enter

We know of 4 ways to enter the London Marathon:

The Ballot'Marathon News'  - August 2001 edition

The entry forms for the London Marathon are distributed in the 'Marathon News', a free magazine published by the Flora London Marathon distributed at the beginning of August.  

The entries open in August and close mid October. Applicants will receive notification of of their ballot result by the 1st week in December.

If not successful, providing that you have agreed to donate your entry fee to charity, you will be entered into a second ballot for a reserved 1000 places.  As a reward for you generosity, the London Marathon will send you a limited edition polo shirt and entry to a prize draw.

Copies of the 'Marathon News' are available from sports / running shops around the country. 

A Charity

Should you be unsuccessful in the ballot, or would like raise money for you favourite cause then consider running far a charity.  

Each Charity has to pay approximately £250 for each place, so charity place are not handed out for free.  You will be expected to raise a large sum of money, between £1,000 and £1,500, for your London Marathon place.

Elite & Good For Age

Men who can run a marathon in under 2:45 or woman who can run a marathon in under 3:15 can apply for automatic entry to the London Marathon.

There is also a sliding scale for those who are 'Good for your Age'.  Again, apply to London Marathon for a guaranteed place.  The scale is as follows:

Men Kirsty & Ellen in the 2001 London marathon

Age Time
18-59 2:45 - 3:15
60-64 sub 3:31
65-69 sub 4:01
70+ sub 5:01


Age Time
18-49 3:15 - 3:45
50-54 sub 3:51
55-59 sub 4:13
60-64 sub 4:35
65-69 sub 5:45
70+ sub 6:15

Club Places

Each UK Athletics-affiliated club is guaranteed a number of places dependant upon the number of club members amongst other criteria.  The Stowmarket Striders usually have 3 guaranteed places to the London Marathon.  To apply for a club place, the committee has agreed on the following criteria.

The principles are that certain eligibility criteria must apply in the first instance, which is similar (but not
identical) to the current system. The first 3 eligibility criteria are the same, the fourth is new. Once eligible,
an order of priority will be assigned such that members who have recently succeeded in getting a place in
the marathon will step back so that others may get an opportunity for a place. In addition, members who
are unsuccessful in successive years will be slowly moved up the priority list to increase their chances of
gaining a place.

In order to try and be as objective and open as possible, a very simple points system is used.

To be eligible, the following four points must apply:
1. The applicant must have been a paid-up club member for the year prior to the London Marathon in
question ie for the 2008 race the applicant must have paid their 2007 membership by 31st January
2. The applicant must have applied for and been refused entry to the London Marathon, as per the normal
3. The applicant must provide their rejection notice from the London Marathon to back up their claim.
4. The applicant must have competed in a minimum of 5 eligible* races in the year preceding the London
Marathon, up until the time of the club draw (ie for the 2008 London Marathon, the applicant must
have competed in 5 eligible races in 2007). The year runs from the date the club places are awarded,
to the date of the next draw.

* an eligible race is an organised race (eg Frostbite race, or a UK Athletics (or equivalent national body)
sanctioned race) at which Hunts AC was represented by the wearing of a club vest. A race report, with the
applicants name as a participant, must be available on the club website for verification. It is therefore the
applicant’s responsibility to submit a report (or ensure a report is submitted) to the website administrators
(Andy or Ian) as soon as possible after the race has been completed.

When eligibility has been determined, the following points system will apply:
Determination of Priority for Allocation of Places
i. Eligible members start with 0 points when first entered.
ii. If you are eligible and get rejected for a club place, 1 point will be awarded for the following year.
iii. Points will accumulate year by year.
iv. If a club place is awarded, your points will reset to -2 for the following year (you are effectively
‘stepping back’ for two years).
v. If you get your own (or charity) place, your points will reset to -1 for the following year (you are
effectively ‘stepping back’ for one year).
vi. If you are not eligible in a particular year (note eligibility 3 - you must apply to become eligible), your
points reset to 0 for the following year (unless your score is already negative, in which case the lowest
score will apply).
vii. Highest points get places in order.
viii. A draw will take place for those on equal points.

The proposal is to implement the system immediately, starting with the results following the draw for the
2007 race.
�� Those who have a club place in the 2007 race (John, Paul, and Carl) will start next year’s draw (if
eligible) on -2 points
�� Those who have their own (or charity) place will start next year’s draw (if eligible) on -1 point
�� Those who have entered the draw for the 2007 race and been rejected will start next year’s draw (if
eligible) on 1 point
�� Those entering next year’s draw for the first time, or who were not eligible for the draw for the 2007
race, will start next year’s draw (if eligible) on 0 points.

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