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Welcome to Hunts AC Road Runners

No experience is needed to join us. We welcome all abilities from beginners to super fit.

Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, and on Sundays by arrangement meeting at the St.Ivo Outdoor Complex. The latest training schedule is on the Road Runners notice board. The training includes speed sessions, fartlek, 500m & 1k efforts, and lots more!. The road runners train as a group with the more experienced runners offering encouragement to all.

We compete in the Fostbite Friendly league in the winter.

We are not just a running club, we also hold social events after races.

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19/05/2019  Wimpole 10k  details
41 Arseniy Suvorov 44:59 157 Peter German 52:20 217 Sasha Suvorov 55:52 (596 finishers)

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 20/05/2019 14:06:43

18/05/2019  White Peak Marathon  details

Huntingdonshire AC's Ty Farrer retained his title at the White Peak Marathon in Derbyshire running the distance in 2:43:29. Ty won by 15:54, similar to his winning margin of 15:50 last year when he ran 2:42:27.

Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
1/127Ty Farrer02:43:2906:14/mileVM45-4981.65%Club Marathon VM PB stays at 02:36:32

Hunts AC: 19/05/18 - White Peaks Marathon &emdash;

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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 21/05/2019 22:38:28

  • 18/05/2019  Go Feral 10k  details

    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    4/88Arseniy Suvorov00:42:4006:52/mileU20M64.28%Club 10k U20M PB stays at 00:40:58
    35/88Sasha Suvorov00:58:5609:29/mileVL40-4453.18%Club 10k VL PB stays at 00:53:14
    37/88Jess Mann01:00:0009:39/mileSL30-3450.61%Club 10k SL PB stays at 00:54:03

  • Event Website/Results:http://
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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 21/05/2019 23:04:12

  • 12/05/2019  Eye 10k  details

    Alan Burgin reports:  Once again there was a good turn out by Hunts AC at the latest race in the Cambs Road Race League. Nine of us were there in near perfect racing conditions to do battle with the course, other runners and ourselves.   Before the start we were treated to a small but evocative flying display by a Spitfire, so the scene was set for the eagerly awaited start. A tight early loop meant all but the front runners made a steady first 600 to 700 metres before getting to the open road sections. There was only a light NW wind and plenty of sunny blue skies, what a bonus considering the weather of the preceding few days. In total there were 499 finishers and as always Hunts AC members all made their mark in the race. Ty was first home for us in 6th place in 35:11 (3rd M45), Wayne G had a super race, 31st in 39:44. Next were Arseniy Suvorov and Andrew Enticknap, 52nd and 53rd in 42:01 and 42:06. It seems Andrew thought Arseniy was starting to run "in his comfort zone", so a few brief words of encouragement got him going again! (Comfort zone and 10k race, mutually exclusive terms surely). Alan Burgin was 124th (2nd VM65 so quite clearly must work harder!) in 46:58, Christina Cowles 133rd in 47:21.Georgia Hill and Phil Young finished close to each other, Georgia 206th in 52:43 and Phil 209th in 52:49.Sasha Suvorov completed the team finishing 263rd in 55:41. Well done everyone and thank you to Ieva for the vocal support on the course.

    3k Fun Run 

    2 Ciaran Burke 10:12, 18 Caitlan Burke 12:17 (3rd girl)

    10k Results

    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    6/499Ty Farrer00:35:1105:40/mileVM45-4983.87%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:34:21
    31/499Wayne Gimblett00:39:4406:24/mileVM50-5477.89%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:37:10
    52/499Arseniy Suvorov00:42:0106:46/mileU20M65.27%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:40:58
    53/499Andrew Enticknap00:42:0606:47/mileVM50-5472.91%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:39:45
    124/499Alan Burgin00:46:5807:34/mileVM65-6975.02%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:42:59
    133/499Christina Cowles00:47:2107:37/mileSL25-2964.06%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:46:03
    206/499Georgia Hill00:52:4308:29/mileSL25-2957.54%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:48:24
    209/499Phil Young00:52:4908:30/mileVM60-6463.21%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:45:51
    263/499Sasha Suvorov00:55:4108:58/mileVL40-4456.29%Club 10k VM PB stays at 00:53:14

  • Event Website/Results:
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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 20/05/2019 22:08:56

  • 11/05/2019  Parkruns  details

    Cambridge Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    7/408Richard Moore00:18:0505:49/mileVM40-4476.05%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:43
    119/408Joe Allen00:24:2907:53/mileU17M55.94%New Cambridge Parkrun PB

    Huntingdon Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    2/328Mark Wishart00:19:1606:12/mileVM40-4473.02%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:16
    11/328Matthew Hiscock00:20:2806:35/mileVM45-4970.92%New Huntingdon Parkrun PB
    61/328Andrew Enticknap00:24:4307:57/mileVM50-5459.67%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:47
    63/328Shane Hunt00:24:4507:58/mileVM60-6464.80%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:49
    78/328Bryan Nylander00:25:4108:16/mileVM50-5457.89%Cambridge Parkrun PB stays at 00:22:49
    79/328Hayden Waller00:25:4308:17/mileVM55-5959.75%Winchester Parkrun PB stays at 00:22:53
    107/328Chloe Wilson00:27:1308:46/mileSL20-2454.40%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:16
    162/328Diane Gannon00:29:5209:37/mileVL60-6466.86%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:28:14
    163/328Diane Bunch00:29:5209:37/mileVL60-6465.90%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:12
    237/328Bruce Grimley00:34:3611:08/mileVM60-6448.04%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
    328/328James Haycock00:52:2716:53/mileSM25-2924.59%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:08

    Great Notley Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    105/349Jess Mann00:26:3908:35/mileSL30-3455.60%New Great Notley Parkrun PB

    March Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    25/145David Spurle00:25:1108:06/mileSM35-3953.40%March Parkrun debut
    53/145Lizzie Burgess00:29:1009:23/mileVL35-3952.13%March Parkrun debut

    Great Denham Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    169/193Farrell Macrae00:35:3311:27/mileVM50-5441.48%Great Denham Parkrun debut
    192/193Sandra Acton01:16:3024:37/mileVL35-3919.77%Great Denham Parkrun debut

    Sixfields Upton Parkun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    55/262Ieva Klavina00:24:1407:48/mileVL35-3962.41%Sixfields Upton Parkrun debut

    Pocket Parkrun
    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    1/200Ty Farrer00:18:0505:49/mileVM45-4978.40%Pocket Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:31

  • Event Website/Results:
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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 19/05/2019 22:52:37

  • 07/05/2019  5 mile Town Handicap Race  details

    Pos'nNameHandicap TimeActual TimeCat.Age GradeAge GradeNotes
    1/14Richard Farrington00:55:1400:38:5307:47/mileVM50-5463.24%New Town Handicap PB (4min 46sec improvement)
    2/14Steve Church00:56:4900:33:1906:40/mileVM45-4972.62%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:33:04
    3/14Peter German00:57;3000:41:2108:16/mileVM65-6967.71%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:40:11
    4/14Hilary McConville00:58:2900:46:3309:19/mileVL65-6973.39%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:44:10
    5/14Rachel Irvin00:58:3000:46:3409:19/mile

    6/14Arseniy Suvorov00:58:3600:35:5307:11/mileU20M60.73%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:34:36
    7/14Adrian Smith00:59:1600:38:4307:45/mileVM60-6471.00%New Town Handicap PB (0min 44sec improvement)
    8/14Alan Burgin00:59:2300:38:2807:42/mileVM65-6972.78%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:37:45
    9/14David Spurle00:59:3300:37:4107:32/mileSM35-3959.02%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:35:12
    10/14Peter Whitehead00:59:3700:52:0410:25/mileVM70-7456.67%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:48:50
    11/14Jess Mann00:59:4200:44:1508:51/mileSL30-3454.75%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:43:29
    12/14Matthew Hiscock00:59:5000:34:4006:56/mileVM45-4969.24%New Town Handicap PB (0min 10sec improvement)
    13/14Sasha Suvorov00:59:5900:43:0608:37/mileVL40-4458.02%New Town Handicap PB (0min 01sec improvement)
    14/14Simon Williams01:00:3900:40:1408:03/mileSM35-3955.28%Town Handicap PB stays at 00:38:21

    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 20/05/2019 22:57:39

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