Track & Field Latest News 21/10/2021

28/09/2021  10,000m Club Championships

1 Martin Amos 35:19.0 1st time
2 Ty Farrer 35:24.2
3 David Riley 37:51.5 1st time
4 Steve Church 38:11.1
5 Alison Stewart 40:55.5 1st time
6 Ieva Klavina 40:59.1 PB by 2:36.0
7 Ian Marshall 41:23.7
8 Hanna Brickell 42:52.2 1st time
9 Alex Brook 43:49.2 1st time
10 Hayden Waller 44:38.6 1st time
11 Rory Ferguson 45:19.8 1st time
12 Bruce Grimley 47:22.2
13 Georgia Hill 50:37.2 1st time
14 Yvonne Nelson 51:47.9 1st time
15 Jess Mann 52:23.4 PB by 2:43.3
16 Angela King 56:10.8 1st time
17 Jo Bailey 56:20.8 1st time
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25/09/2021  Biggleswade Open

The club's throwers literally had a field day in the last track & field meet of the season.  In the hammer throw, Steve Burke placed first, improving his best from 37.41m to 38.89m to go 8th in the M45 national rankings.  Steve's daughter Caitlan won the U17W event with a PB 21.72m which places her 49th in the U17W national rankings.  Caitlan didn't confine her success to the field as she improved her 100m PB by almost two seconds, bringing her time down from 16.1 to 14.25 for 2nd place.  Bob Ellingham rounded out the hammer success with a win in the M55 category, throwing out to 39.95m.  Bob's best this season of 40.05m puts him 3rd in the M55 national rankings.  In the discus, Max Jackson rose to 19th in the U15B national rankings with 34.64m which won him the event and improved his best by over six metres.  In the javelin, Yinka Opaleye added 90 cms to his PB with 24.07m for 2nd place and 69th in the M45 national rankings.  Sam Jackson placed 3rd in the U15B javelin, improving his best from 20.56m to 21.66m.
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11/09/2021  Southern Athletics League, Bedford

A String Winners

100m Morgan Webster 10.8 =PB

200m Morgan Webster 21.9

3000m James Orrell 9:42.5

HJ A Caitlan Burke 1.45 PB

B String Winners

3000m Darren Preston 9:54.3

HT Bob Ellingham 35.57

TJ Jo Abel 8.46

HT Caitlan Burke 19.19 PB

PV Sandra Pedley 2.10 Club Record; 1st in W55 national rankings

More PBs

800m A Mike Sells 2:08.3(3rd)

1500m A James Orrell 4:31.5 (2nd)

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08/09/2021  Charnwood Open
Congrats to Joseph Reindel who ran a PB 4:24.67 for 3rd place in the 1500m R3 at the Charnwood Open.   Further Info

05/09/2021  East Anglian League, Peterborough

Team Results

U13B - 1st

U13G - 1st

U15B - 1st

U15G - 1st

U17M - 3rd

U17W - 2nd

A String Winners

U13G 100m Jess Waterworth 15.13 (w/s -1.9)

U13G 200m Anjola Opaleye 31.99 (w/s -0.1) PB

U13G SP Anjola Opaleye 5.29 PB

U13G JT Anjola Opaleye 11.39 PB

U13B 200m Sam Woodhall 30.86 (w/s +1.2)

U13B 800m George Connell 2:30.03 PB

U13B 1500m Oliver Albone 4:57.43 PB

U13B HJ Rob Fuller 1.25 PB

U15G 300m Molly Webster 45.02 PB

U15G 800m Eliza Mardon 2:33.35

U15G HJ Eliza Mardon 1.40 PB

U15G DT Moria Howard 16.37 PB

U15G JT Eliza Mardon 21.08

U15B 200m Kieran Still 27.27 (w/s +1.2) PB

U15B HJ Toby Carroll 1.30 PB

U15B TJ Ashton Lorandeau 8.10 PB

U15B SP Max Jackson 12.19

U15B DT Max Jackson 25.10

U15B HT Toby Carroll 21.45 PB

U17W 300m Abi Fuller 46.12

U17W SP Tamzin Digpal-Race 8.68

U17W DT Willow Bedding 24.56

U17W JT Tamzin Digpal-Race 23.57

U17W HT Willow Bedding 36.95

U17M 1500m Dom Pauley 4:37.14


B String Winners

U13G 200m Jessica Waterworth 33.19 (w/s -0.1)

U13G SP Jessica Waterworth 5.06 PB

U13B 800m Harry Pateman 2:36.19 PB

U13B 1500m Thomas Richards 5:08.41

U13B 75mH Robert Fuller 16.70

U13B HJ Edward Fuller 1.10 =PB

U15G HJ Grace Roberts 1.35 PB

U15G LJ Alex Tull 3.73

U15G SP Alex Tull 5.22 PB

U15G JT Zola Day 11.68

U15B HJ Noah Scott-Donkin 1.30 PB

U15B SP Ashton Lorandeau 9.12 PB

U15B DT Toby Carroll 22.35 PB

SM DT Kuldip Digpal 19.11 PB


U11 Winner

U11G 600m Esme Lydon 2:04.83


More PBs

U13G 100m Freya Ambler 16.04

U13G 800m A Cara Still 2:47.84 (2)

U13G 800m B Myah Wolfe 2:59.01 (2)

U13G 70mH N/S Beatrix Thomas-Morgan 16.04

U13B 75mH A Edward Fuller 15.97 (2)

U13B HJ N/S Ashton Lorandeau 1.40

U13B LJ A Robert Fuller 3.35 (3)

U13B LJ N/S Finley Pask 3.31

U13B DT A Edward Fuller 9.79 (2)

U15G 100m B Alex Tull 14.53 (w/s +2.9) (2)

U15G 100m N/S Sarah-Renae Hall 14.76

U15G 100m N/S Zara Sharp 16.41

U15G 200m A Grace Roberts 32.53 (w/s +0.1) (3)

U15G 75mH Molly Webster 14.79 (w/s -0.8) (2)

U15G LJ N/S Molly Webster 3.90

U15G SP A Zola Day 5.71 (2)

U15B 100m A Harry Exell 13.49 (w/s +0.2) (3)

U15B 800m A Noah Scott-Donkin 2:18.15 (2)

U15B 800m B Kieran Still 2:20.24 (2)

U15B 1500m A Aaron Hawkins 4:52.05 (2)

U17M 400m A Ryan Howe 60.11 (2)

U17M 800m N/S Ryan Howe 2:10.99

U17M DT A Ciaran Burke 16.64 (3)

SM 200m A Zac Bowes 24.34 (2)

SM 800m A Brandon Ballard 2:11.67 (2)

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29/08/2021  Club Champs U13 JT
1 Cormac Mitchell U13B 21.46 PB
2 Edward Fuller U13B 14.74  
3 Anjola Opaleye U13G 10.86 PB
4 Beatrix Thomas-Morgan U13G 9.96 PB
5 Robert Fuller U13B 9.63 PB B
6 George Connell U13B 9.24 PB  
7 Jessica Waterworth U13G 4.09 PB B
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