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June 2018 News Reports

02/06/2018  Huntingdon Parkrun PBs  details
5 Arseniy Suvorov 19:45 (PB by 12 secs, 36th to 34th in club rankings); 79 Niki Winsor 25:00 (PB by 6 secs, 33rd to 32nd in club rankings)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 02/06/2018 11:20:17

02/06/2018  BMC PB Classic, Milton Keynes  details
Derek Darnell reports: Nine Hunts athletes ran at the BMC PB Classic at Milton Keynes were rewarded with a number of PB's and season bests. Conall McGinness won the 1500mS/C with a PB 4.31.86 to consolidate his 3rd place in the national ranking. Shannon Flockhart improved her season's best 800m to 2.12.01 to move up to 12th in the national rankings. Seb Darnell, Howard Croft, and Issy Wilkins all improved their 800m personal bests significantly to 2.12.79, 2.22.43, and 2.27.43 respectively. Joel McGinness ran a PB too, 2.27.32, and Henry Waller ran 2.24.24. Amelia Darnell ran a season's best 1500m, 5.23.06, and Joey Croft finished strongly in his first 3K of the summer for 8.48.37. Great runs at a really good middle distance race meeting.

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 05/06/2018 12:45:16

03/06/2018  Club Championships, St Ives  details

In sunny and warm weather conditions, close to 60 athletes took part in the club championships series at the St Ives track.  Competing for gold, silver and bronze medals over the sprint hurdles, 1500m and high jump, athletes achieved a total of 74 personal bests.

70m Hurdles

1 Lizzie Francis U13G 16.9

2 Sophia Prew U13G 17.7

3 Eva Howard U13G 17.8

4 Hannah Barker U13G 18.0

5 Caitlan Burke U13G 18.5

70m Hurdles

1 Willow Bedding U13G 13.3 G

2 Moria Howard U13G 13.7 S

3 Lexi Flockhart U13G 14.1 B

4 Tamzin Digpal-Race U13G 14.3

75m Hurdles

1 Joel Isaac U13B 15.9

2 Alex Mortimer U13B 16.5

3 Toby Carroll U13B 16.9

4 Tom Waterworth U13B 17.0

5 Aaron Hawkins U13B 19.6

75m Hurdles

1 Daisy Coulson-Bascombe U15G 14.4

2 Lizzy Harrison U15G 14.6

3 Macy Taylor U15G 14.7

4 Ella Reed U15G 17.4

5 Maisie Isaac U15G 18.0

80m Hurdles

1 Spencer Taylor U15B 13.1

2 Elliot Mortimer U15B 14.8

3 Finlee Johnson U15B 15.4

4 Markus Downhill U15B 15.5

80m Hurdles

1 Mae Macklin U17W 15.5

2 Daniella Scholes U17W 16.3

3 Eleanor Phipps U17W 17.6

4 Ella Couchman U17W 18.4

5 Lucy Small U17W 18.4


1 Evie Flockhart U11G 3:56.2

2 Hollie Baynes U11G 4:10.2

3 Molly Webster U11G 4:15.4


1 Alasdair Large U11B 3:31.6

2 Jaden Coleman U11B 3:44.5

3 Thomas Richards U11B 3:45.4

4 Kieran Still U11B 3:49.2

5 Jayman Howard U11B 3:55.0

6 Tom d'Ayala U11B 4:05.8


1 Tom Waterworth U13B 5:36.5 G

2 Lexi Flockhart U13G 5:43.4 G

3 Aaron Hawkins U13B 5:46.6 S

4 Willow Bedding U13G 5:57.0 S

5 Moria Howard U13G 6:10.2 B

6 Caitlan Burke U13G 6:35.5

7 Sophie Prew U13G 7:12.7

8 Tamzin Digpal-Race U13G 7:17.1


1 Seb Darnell U17M 4:47.3 G

2 Oliver Mills U15B 4:49.3 G

3 Spencer Taylor U15B 4:51.7 S

4 Markus Downhill U15B 4:52.4 B

5 Henry Waller U15B 4:57.0

6 Ciaran Burke U15B 5:23.5

7 Daisy Coulson-Bascombe U15G 6:01.0 G

8 Charlotte Watson U15G 6:07.9 S

9 Lizzy Harrison U15G 6:09.4 B

10 Ella Reed U15G 6:35.6


1 Lucy Waller U20W 5:56.5 G

2 Eleanor Phipps U17W 7:00.2 G

3 Claire Webster VW 7:02.5 G

4 Mae Macklin U17W 7:11.5 S

5 Vicky Burke VW 7:32.6 S

6 Daniella Scholes U17W 7:51.8 B

7 Ella Couchman U17W 7:58.1


1 Mark Barry SM 4:29.7 G

2 Derek Darnell VM 5:36.4 G

3 Thompson Coleman VM 6:07.5 S

4 John Wilson SM 6:18.0 S

5 Yinka Opaleye VM 6:19.8 B

6 Steve Burke VM 6:41.1

High Jump

1 Hollie Baynes U11G 1.10

2 Evie Flockhart U11G 0.95

3 Molly Webster U11G 0.90

High Jump

1 Jaden Coleman U11B 1.16

2 Tom d'Ayala U11B 1.05

3 Jayman Howard U11B 1.00

4 Kieran Still U11B 0.95

High Jump

1 Joel Isaac U13B 1.35

2 Leo d'Ayala U13B 1.15

3 Alex Mortimer U13B 1.10

4 Tom Waterworth U13B 1.05

5 Toby Carroll U13B 1.05

High Jump

1 Tamzin Digpal-Race U13G 1.20

2 Willow Bedding U13G 1.20

3 Lexi Flockhart U13G 1.15

4 Eva Howard U13G 1.15

5 Lizzie Francis U13G 1.10

6= Sophia Prew U13G 1.05

6= Moria Howard U13G 1.05

High Jump

1 Ayo Opaleye U15B 1.55

1 Spencer Taylor U15B 1.55

3 Ollie Francis U15B 1.35

4 Sam Taylor U15B 1.30

5= Elliot Mortimer U15B 1.15

5= Markus Downhill U15B 1.15

High Jump

1 Maisie Isaac U15G 1.35

2 Daisy Coulson-Bascombe U15G 1.25

3 Ella Reed U15G 1.25

4 Lizzie Harrison U15G 1.25

High Jump

1 Joel Thomas U17M 1.50

2 Seb Darnell U17M 1.00

High Jump

1 Lucy Small U17W 1.40

2 Mae Macklin U17W 1.20

3 Eleanor Phipps U17W 1.20

4 Ella Couchman U17W 1.20

5 Daniella Scholes U17W 1.10

High Jump

1 Mark Barry SM 1.40

2 John Wilson SM 1.20

High Jump

1 Yinka Opaleye VM 1.40

2 Steve Burke VM 1.35

High Jump

1 Vicky Burke VW 1.00

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 05/06/2018 13:08:03

03/06/2018  Flaming June Half, Histon/Impington  details
2 Ty Farrer 79:05, 26 Richard Adamson 91:25, 178 Yvette Adamson 1:56:05, 205 Tim Watkins 1:59:17 (417 flaming hot conditions)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 06/06/2018 10:47:48

05/06/2018  5M TT  details
1 Liz Kerr 54:49 (47:59), 2 Jonathan Clarke 54:56 (41:22), 3 Letang Wolstenholme 55:09 (41:39), 4 Paola Jean-Marain 55:33 (44:41), 5 Katie Strickland 56:59 (41:21), 6 Jonathan Wheeler 57:16 (36:16), 7 Tim Watkins 57:19 (36:47), 8 Ty Farrer 58:25 (27:58), 9 Niki Winsor 58:50 (39:29), 10 Arseniy Suvorov 58:51 (34:45), 11 Georgia Hill 59:01 (40:27), 12 Chris Breazley 59:02 (35:46), 13 Hanno Fischer 59:28 (36:10), 14 Richard Adamson 59:38 (33:20), 15 Lucy Ling 59:56 (42:29), 16 Bryan Nylander 60:05 (40:08), 17 Frances Stanton 60:22 (39:57), 18 James Haycock 61:33 (49:45), 19 Dave Spurle 62:16 (38:55), 20 Lizzie Burgess 64:25 (45:35) - actual times in brackets

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 13/06/2018 20:47:08

06/06/2018  Eastern Masters League, Kings Lynn  details

Hunts AC veterans made the long journey to King's Lynn for the second mid-week Eastern Masters League meet of the season and came away with much success. Margit Bialobrzeska won the javelin, breaking her own veteran women's record by over half a metre with 28.04m and entering the W35 national rankings at 7th. Amy Frary long jumped 4.41m to come within 2 cms of the club veteran women's club record and go 11th in the national W35 rankings while newcomer Phil Bowers won the M50 long jump with 4.82m to go 9th in the M50 national rankings. Other winners included Sandra Pedley in the pole vault (1.90m) to consolidate her 3rd position in the W50 national rankings, Bob Ellingham in the discus (33.59) to enter the M50 national rankings in 10th place and Richard Phelan who won the M50 pole vault with 3.00m. Richard is currently ranked 2nd in the M50 national rankings with 3.05m.
800m W35-49
5 Claire Hurst 02:57.4
Javelin W35-49 (600gm)
1 Margit Bialobrzeska 28.04
Javelin W50-59 (500gm)
5 Sandra Pedley 10.44
Discus W35-49 (1Kg)
2 Margit Bialobrzeska 21.15
Long Jump W35-49
2 Joanne Abel 4.10
Long Jump W50-59
4 Sandra Pedley 2.80
Pole Vault - 'B'
1 Sandra Pedley 1.90
200m M35-49
2 Yinka Opaleye 25.8
200m M60+
5 Jim Stocker 38.1
800m M50-59
2 Geoffrey Brewster 02:31.6
800m M60+
3 Jim Stocker 02:59.7
100mH M50-59 (91.4cm)
2 Richard Phelan 21.5
Javelin M35-49 (800gm)
3 Steve Burke 26.77
Javelin M50-59 (700gm)
4 Robert Ellingham 19.77
Discus M35-49 (2Kg)
2 Steve Burke 27.33
Discus M50-59 (1.5Kg)
1 Robert Ellingham 33.59
Long Jump M35-49
3 Yinka Opaleye 4.96
Long Jump M50-59
1 Phil Bowers 4.82
Pole Vault M50-59
1 Richard Phelan 3.00
LJ Amy Frary 4.41
200 Sandra Acton 80.5
DT Joanne Abel 14.39
DT Sandra Acton 8.99
DT Phil Bowers 22.12
LJ Richard Phelan 4.61

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 10/06/2018 13:16:36

06/06/2018  Peterborough 5k series - Ferry Meadows  details
Alan Burgin reports: There was a big senior turnout, 16 of us,on Wednesday 6th June from Hunts AC for the first of the five races that make up the Peterborough 5k series. The first race was hosted by Nene Valley Harriers and held at Ferry Meadows. The course was a two lap dash around the lakes there and all our runners took on the challenge and recorded some very impressive results; 9th Mark Barry 16:52. 29th Rod McKee 18:07. 40th Ian Gallagher 18:31 70th Daniel Woolf 19:25. 85th Derek Darnell 19:53. 123rd Bruce Grimley 21:12. 137th Caroline King 21:39. 164th Alan Burgin 22:25. 165th Caroline Archer 22:26. 180th Amy Steele 22:58. 201st Georgia Hill 23:51. 216th Adrian Smith 24:14. 220th Pauline Stocker 24:23. 240th Phil Young 25:26. 291st Jess Mann 26:57. 308th Hilary McConville 27:27. There were 396 finishers. The next race is Wednesday 20th June at Eye.

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 08/06/2018 11:38:15

09/06/2018  County Schools Championships  details

Huntingdonshire AC athletes enjoyed great success at the Cambridgeshire county schools championships held at Peterborough track.  Having won five titles last year, Hunts AC athletes almost doubled the total this year with nine first-place finishes.  Equally as impressive, Hunts AC athletes will go on to contest 14 events at the Anglian Schools championships in Norwich this weekend compared to 6 last year.  Leading the way, Shannon Flockhart won the Inter Girls 300m with 41.8 secs which broke Lily Seach's Under 17 and Under 20 Women's club records of 42.1 secs set back in 2008.  Katie Wright secured her place in the Anglians by finishing in the runner-up position with a season's best of 44.4 secs.  Ayo Opaleye claimed first in the junior boys triple jump with his first-round leap of 12.15m and also gained an Anglian champs spot by finishing 2nd in the 200m with 24.9 secs.  In the Junior Girls 100m, Lizzy Harrison sped to victory in 13.2 secs while Ella Reed ran a personal best 13.4 secs for third place.  Ella went on to win the long jump with 4.70m and book her place in Norwich for this coming weekend.  Competing in the Inter Boys sprints, Julian Priest comfortably won the 100m in 11.3 secs and followed up with the 200m win later in the day with 22.8 secs.  With very little training under his belt since March due to a back injury, Joe Purbrick nevertheless ran a big personal best 11.5 to not only win the Junior Boys 80m hurdles but to also shoot up to 5th in the U15B national rankings.  Finishing 2nd in the same race with 13.0 secs, Spencer Taylor showed a wide range of talent by also placing 2nd in the 800m in a personal best 2:14.9.  Issy Wilkins took the lead in the Junior Girls 1500m from the start and front ran to victory in 5:11.2.  In the throws, Thomas Smith took 1st in the Inter Boys hammer throw with a new best of 28.84m and later placed 2nd in the discus with yet another best with 33.40m.


Junior Girls


1st Lizzy Harrison 13.2

3rd Ella Reed 13.4

6 Lucy England 14.2


3rd Lizzy Harrison 26.6

5th Ellie Linnell 30.4


4th Daisy Coulson-Bascombe 44.9


3rd Ruby Ashman 2:38.5


1st Issy Wilkins 5:11.2

Long Jump

1st Ella Reed 4.70


6th Charlotte Watson 13.43


Inter Girls


3rd Mae Macklin 13.7


4th Lucy Small 28.3


1st Shannon Flockhart 41.8

2nd Katie Wright 44.4

High Jump

4th Lucy Small 1.35

Long Jump

3rd Lottie Knights 4.46

5th Mae Macklin 4.07


Junior Boys


2nd Ayo Opaleye 24.9


2nd Spencer Taylor 2:14.9

6th Markus Downhill 2:23.2

80m Hurdles

1st Joe Purbrick 11.5

2nd Spencer Taylor 13.0

Triple Jump

1st Ayo Opaleye 12.15


Inter Boys


1st Julian Priest 11.3


1st Julian Priest 22.8

7th Hartley Green 25.8


4th Owen Brownston 4:41.6

High Jump

4th Spencer Trewin 1.65


1st Thomas Smith 28.84


2nd Thomas Smith 33.40

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 11/06/2018 08:29:49

10/06/2018  Sutton Beast 10k  details
6 Richard Adamson 40:05, 32 Jim Stocker 46:08, 75 Amy Steele 51:24, 130 Steve Burke 56:56, 229 Tess Minns 72:07 (246 finishers) Fun Run: 3 Ciaran Burke 10:22, 5 Thomas Richards 10:59, 9 Leo d'Ayala 11:26, 17 Caitlan Burke 12:03, 21 Tom d'Ayala 12:25, 25 Hartley Green 12:40, 52 Vicky Burke 14:37, 142 Evie Green 20:10 (243 finishers)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 12/06/2018 11:08:26

10/06/2018  Southend Half Marathon  details
2nd Ty Farrer 74:29 (PB and 1st M40) - 2,055 finishers

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 17/06/2018 20:35:15

14/06/2018  JumpsFest, Sandy  details

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 02/06/2018 10:54:14

16/06/2018  24-hour Suffolk Trail Running Festival  details
A 5-runner Hunts AC team won the 24-hour Suffolk Trail Running Festival, covering 165 miles. The course covered an area between Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury with the aim of completing as many laps of the 5-mile course as possible in 24 hour time limit. Kelly Crawford, Caroline Archer, Andy Richardson, Steve Church and Shane Hunt took on this test of endurance, speed, fitness, mental toughness and teamwork and came out with flying colours as they took the title in the 3/4/5-runner event. Most ran 35 miles over the two-day period with Kelly going above and beyond the call of duty by covering 40 miles. The mixed team even beat the best all-male, 5-runner team.

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 18/06/2018 14:00:34

16/06/2018  Huntingdon Parkrun PBs  details
6th Ciaran Burke 20:06 (PB by 1 sec; consolidates 38th place in club all-time rankings)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 16/06/2018 12:56:11

16/06/2018  Anglian Schools Championships  details
In the Anglian Schools athletics championships, held at Norwich, Hunts AC athletes piled up 5 wins, 2 second-place finishes and 4 thirds.  Julian Priest completed the sprint double, taking 1st in both the Inter Boys 100m and 200m.  After breaking the club record over 300m last weekend, Shannon Flockhart stepped up in distance to win the Inter Girls 1500m by 8 seconds.  Her time of 4:38.1 places her in the top 20 in the country (U17W) and is the fastest time by a Hunts AC female of any age over the past 15 years.  Shannon's training partner Katie Wright picked up gold in the Inter Girls 300m hurdles in 54.9 secs.  In the Junior Boys triple jump, Ayo Opaleye saved his best jump for the last round as he bounded out to 12.42m which beat his club U15B record by 17 cms and moves him up from 13th to 7th in the national rankings.  Running in the Inter Boys 80m hurdles, Joe Purbrick clipped a tenth of a second off his personal best with 11.4 secs to finish as runner-up.  Joe currently sits solidly in the top 10 in the country with his time. In the Inter Boys discus, Thomas Smith finished 2nd with 32.46m, an improvement of 10 feet over his previous best effort.  He later placed 3rd in the discus. Third place finishes went to Eleanor Phipps in the Senior Girls pole vault with a new personal best of 2.00m, Issy Wilkins in the Junior Girls 1500m and Ella Reed who long jumped 4.92m in the Junior Girls, the furthest by a Hunts AC female since 2007.

Junior Boys: 80mH Joe Purbrick 11.4 (2), Spencer Taylor 12.9 (3); TJ Ayo Opaleye 12.42 (1);

Junior Girls:  100m Lizzy Harrison 13.3 (4); 1500m Issy Wilkins 4:58.6 (3); LJ Ella Reed 4.92 (3); PV Emma Phipps 1.50 (4)

Inter Boys:  100m Julian Priest 11.3 (1); 200m Julian Priest 22.9 (1); 1500m Conall McGinness 4:11.7 (2); DT Thomas Smith 31:48 (3); HT Thomas Smith 32.46 (2)

Inter Girls:  1500m Shannon Flockhart 4:38.1 (1); 300mH Katie Wright 54.9 (1); HJ Lucy Small 1.35 (7); Eleanor Phipps 2.00 (3)

Senior Boys:  TJ Stephen Amos 11.96 (2)

Senior Girls:  3000m Katie Lawrence 12:35.7 (2)

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 19/06/2018 10:52:50

17/06/2018  Hampshire Hoppit Trail Marathon  details
18th Richie Adamson 3:29:54 (273 finishers) 568m of elevation

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 17/06/2018 20:18:33

17/06/2018  East Anglian League, Luton  details

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 28/12/2017 10:48:59

17/06/2018  Bedford 10k  details
Ty Farrer reports: In near perfect conditions, five runners from Hunts AC made the early start time of 9 am for the Run Bedford 10K, on a route around and through the city itself on closed roads. The wind picked up a little, just before the start and the rain stopped - so we were good to go and with very little fanfare or warning, we were off. Hunts AC's second-claim runner David Hudson went off with the first group whilst myself and Mark Barry formed the second group with a C&C runner and a St Alban’s Strider. Bedford is a fairly flat course with a gradual incline, most noticeably between 5k and 7k, where there is a 180 degree turn around, where we could witness the rest of the runners coming battling behind. The last two kilometres were fairly fast, being on a slight downhill drag and with a tailwind to push us along - although it felt longer than it was. Mark Barry at this point picked up the pace and chased down the 4th place runner - who managed to hold him off for the finish, but it was a great battle from where I witnessed it - a few seconds back and unable to close the gap. Final placings - 2nd claim David Hudson achieved a new PB of 32:20, finishing 3rd overall and claiming £100 prize money (and a shiny trophy). Mark Barry officially led the team home in 6th, also with a new PB in 34:19, Ty Farrer 7th and 34:20 (new PB as well by 27 seconds), Rod McKee in 26th 37:03 - 39 seconds quicker than last year, Sean Barker in 37th 37:52 - 40 seconds quicker than last year and Caroline King in 125th 43:56th 2nd V35 Female (10th female overall) a new PB by 67 seconds! 811 finishers! The icing on the cake - Hunts AC picked up the overall male team prize for Mark, Ty, Rod and Sean - proving that those Tuesday nights on the track are paying off!

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 17/06/2018 21:05:14

19/06/2018  Corby Open  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 24/02/2018 16:05:10

20/06/2018  County Development Meet, St Ives  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 21/01/2018 09:31:44

23/06/2018  Southern Athletics League, Watford  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 20/09/2017 09:08:58

30/06/2018  Eastern Counties Championships, Cambridge  details
Sorry, no news report yet?

Posted by ;Wayne Dubose on 24/01/2018 20:32:50

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