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Club Records & Personal Best Performances

Please note: Track and Field records are no longer maintained here (from the end of the 2012 season). Please see here for the current record holders. Many club performances are available on

Select either an Age Group or an Event Subject to see the clubs all time best performances, followed with the Top Ten all time performances and all members Personal Best Performances. If you have a performance to add please email either John Roberts: for Track & Field or Wayne Gimblett: for Road Running. There are currently 13895 records in the database, dating back to 1969.

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All Personal Best Performances - U13 Boys - 1500M
Position Performance Age Grade % Athlete Date Event Info All PBs
1st 4:37:50 % Dylan Griffiths 1984 no info ALL PBs
2nd 4:39:80 % Richard Youngs 1980 no info ALL PBs
3rd 4:46:30 0% James Downing 2008 no info ALL PBs
4th 4:48:37 % Christopher Smith 2005 no info ALL PBs
5th 4:50:00 % Michael Smith 2004 no info ALL PBs
6th 4:58:30 % Christian Roberts 2003 no info ALL PBs
7th 5:07:50 % Geoffrey Miller 1981 no info ALL PBs
8th 5:09:10 % Brian Bowkiss 1980 no info ALL PBs
9th 5:10:10 0% Luke Scott 2007 no info ALL PBs
10th 5:16:00 % Mark Campbell 1973 no info ALL PBs
11th 5:16:30 % Darren Lake 1981 no info ALL PBs
12th 5:17:90 % Robbie Read 2005 no info ALL PBs
13th 5:20:50 % Alexander Zouhair 2004 no info ALL PBs
14th 5:22:40 0% Jacob Wisbey 2005 no info ALL PBs
15th 5:23:00 % Stephen De Ath 1969 no info ALL PBs
16th 5:28:09 0% Liam Hemmings 2005 no info ALL PBs
17th 5:30:70 0% Fraser Deeprose 2008 no info ALL PBs
18th 5:39:10 0% Haydon Noble 2009 no info ALL PBs
19th 5:43:90 0% Sam Eyre 2008 no info ALL PBs
20th 6:12:70 (1>below) 0% Harry Whybrow 2008 no info ALL PBs
21st 6:18:80 0% Christopher Durrant 2005 no info ALL PBs

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