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Nov 2004 - Huntingdonshire A.C.

Welcome to Huntingdonshire Athletics Club (Hunts AC)

Based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, Hunts AC embraces the England Athletics equal opportunities/sports equity policy and welcomes all members of the community from the ages of 9 and upwards. We cater for all levels, whether you are a budding athlete or an experienced Junior or Senior competitor, an all-rounder or a specialist, a recreational five-miler or a veteran of a dozen marathons. Our activities cover the full range of athletic events including Track & Field, Road Running, Cross Country and Indoor Sportshall. For club information, click here or Email  


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Latest Eight News Items

13/10/2019  "Great Eastern Run" Fun Run   details

Run in horrible conditions; a complete mud bath. 1st Dylan Tomaselli 16:49 4th Joseph Reindel 17:45 8th Dominic Pauley 18:17 (sent wrong way by a marshal) 16th Ella Robinson 19:09 (1st female) 21st Alexandra Braid 19:36 (3rd female, age 11) 33rd Natty Clifford 20:38 40th Eliza Mardon 21:20 44th Oscar Tomaselli 21:32 50th Lola Fletcher 21:50 (544 finishers)

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 14/10/2019 09:02:56

13/10/2019  Jubilee Junior Parkrun  details

1st Tom Waterworth 7:36

Posted by Wayne Dubose on 13/10/2019 11:41:58

12/10/2019  Parkruns  details

Rushcliffe Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
3/472Tom Oliver00:18:3105:58/mileSM25-2969.67%Rushcliffe Parkrun debut

Huntingdon Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
7/262Arseniy Suvorov00:20:0606:28/mileSM20-2464.87%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:18:58
25/262Matthew Hiscock00:22:5407:22/mileVM45-4963.89%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:19:55
30/262Olivia Mead00:23:0407:25/mileU17L66.35%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:02
34/262Christina Cowles00:23:2807:33/mileSL25-2963.07%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:39
44/262Bruce Grimley00:23:5807:43/mileVM60-6469.35%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:20:39
58/262William Crowe00:25:0708:05/mileSM20-2451.36%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:28
80/262Yinka Opaleye00:26:3108:32/mileVM45-4954.31%Huntingdon Parkrun debut
104/262Georgia Hill00:27:5108:58/mileSL25-2953.14%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:19
115/262Chloe Wilson00:28:1309:05/mileSL20-2452.45%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:24:16
136/262Sasha Suvorov00:30:0009:39/mileVL40-4451.30%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:19
152/262Eleanor Richards00:31:1010:02/mileSL20-2447.49%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:30:26
197/262James Haycock00:34:5611:15/mileSM25-2936.93%Huntingdon Parkrun PB stays at 00:27:08
200/262Moji Opaleye00:35:1811:22/mileVL40-4444.59%Huntingdon Parkrun debut

Beeston Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
65/365Andrew Enticknap00:23:2107:31/mileVM50-5463.16%Beeston Parkrun debut

March Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
24/140David Spurle00:25:2708:11/mileSM35-3952.84%March Parkrun PB stays at 00:25:11
47/140Lizzie Burgess00:27:5208:58/mileVL35-3954.56%New March Parkrun PB
105/140Julia Tebbs00:35:3611:28/mileVL45-4945.49%March Parkrun debut

Dolgellau Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
15/45Adrian Smith00:24:0107:44/mileVM65-6969.84%Dolgellau Parkrun debut
36/45Tina Smith00:29:5109:36/mileVL55-5962.32%Dolgellau Parkrun debut

Great Denham Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
1/185Jacob Preston00:17:3705:40/mileU15B82.33%Great Denham Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:23
27/185Sawyer Preston00:21:5507:03/mileU13B67.85%Great Denham Parkrun PB stays at 00:21:52
29/185Darren Preston00:21:5807:04/mileVM40-4464.05%Great Denham Parkrun PB stays at 00:17:11

Millenium Country Park Parkrun
Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
50/126Farrell Macrae00:27:5308:58/mileVM50-5453.32%Millenium Country Parkrun debut

  • Event Website/Results:
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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 13/10/2019 14:28:56

  • 12/10/2019  Annual Presentation Eve - St Ives Corn Exchange  details

    Great turnout.  129 in attendance.

    Posted by Wayne Dubose on 13/10/2019 11:44:45

    06/10/2019  Colchester Stampede Half Maraton  details

    Pos'nNameTimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    9/831Richard Adamson01:28:2206:44/mileVM40-4469.81%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:25:01
    233/831Yvette Adamson01:51:5008:32/mileVL40-4462.61%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:46:18
    288/831Yvette Adamson01:57:1608:57/mileVL40-4459.71%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:45:08
    336/831Katie Strickland01:58:3509:03/mileSL25-2955.52%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 01:58:34

    Hunts AC: 19/10/06 Colchester Stampede Half Marathon &emdash;

  • Event Website/Results:http://
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    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 13/10/2019 13:27:59

  • 06/10/2019  Wimpole Hoohaah Half Marathon  details

    Pos'nNameChip TimePaceCat.Age GradeNotes
    11/262Arseniy Suvorov01:35:4307:18/mileU20M63.30%Club Half Marathon U20M debut
    205/262Sasha Suvorov02:20:5510:45/mileVL40-4448.58%Club Half Marathon Pb stays at 02:05:17

    Hunts AC: 19/10/06  Wimpole Hoohaah Half Marathon &emdash;

  • Event Website/Results:http://
  • View Club Athletes Results
    Posted by Wayne Gimblett on 14/10/2019 12:11:12

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